Gone are the days when you had to refer a recipe book or tilt your head for hours talking to your mom about Christmas cake recipes! We are in a world where YouTube has a one-stop solution to all your queries. Needless to mention, but most of our young generation have developed a productive hobby because of reference videos on YouTube.

Talking about Christmas cake, who wants to miss it anyway? Well, what could be an alternative if you are far away from your family, pulling your work schedule during Christmas season? Be it happiness or cake; you must create it on your own!

YouTube has got some of the amazing bakers with their yummy Christmas cake videos live. Although it was tough to choose and list few of them, we have included some of the recipes that are indeed drool worthy! You can’t miss them at any cost.

Cupcake Jemma is one of the first to make it to this list with a creamy and well-decorated Christmas themed cake. It is a double chocolate forest fruit Christmas cake and our liver is melting with just the name of it. The next one comes from Hebbar’s kitchen which is a plum cake and it already looks tempting. Sharmilaz Kitchen has to make us drool with rum fruit and nut cake recipe and it’s definitely worth giving a try. The kingdom sweet, Kolkata cannot stay away and hence, Bong Eats comes with Calcutta Christmas fruit cake.

Last but not the least, Ravinder’s Home Cooking has an extremely well-textured Fruit and Nut Cake recipe which is absolutely irresistible. Now, that you are given these direct hints for Christmas cake recipe, don’t laze around and bring out the culinary king in you! Hope this brightens up your Christmas and we would love to know your experience.

Visit the vlog below to try out some of the best recipes :