Health and fitness always includes mental health. Mental health is the most important part of anyone’s personality as it determines the fitness of every other body part. Meditation is a part of mental health and can be undeniably defined as an art of living life to the fullest. It gives you the power to think and analyse any situation or person in the best way possible.

According to Mr. Sandeep Maheshwari meditation is a state accomplished by our mind where a person is completely aware of his surroundings or situation. When a person is completely aware of his surroundings or to be precise when a person attains a stage of self-awareness he can do the best in any domain of life because then the way a person comprehends things change. There are some extremely easy steps for meditation wherein you do not have to put in extra efforts.

To start with, place yourself in a comfortable position not giving too much stress on the body. Secondly, do not give stress on your mind in order to concentrate. Try paying attention to all the sounds around and the sounds within. To meditate effectively we need to concentrate on the sound of our own heartbeat. That is the ultimate goal that we need to achieve. When we try to listen to the sounds which are not very clear to us or loud enough we do not need to try to concentrate instead our mind does that for us. The sound of heartbeat plays a medium in concentration. As soon as we reach that stage where we can effortlessly listen to the sound of heartbeat our mind is centralized and then we are at a stage of self-awareness and our ability to listen to the finest sounds increases. Gradually, we reach at a point where the function of mind becomes minimal and that of heart becomes the maximum allowing us to think beyond imagination and attain peace. These are some steps for basic meditation and a step ahead towards attaining ‘peace of mind’.


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